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PDF search engines allows you to find PDF files and download them to your computer. Search through millions of online pdfs.

PDF Search - Search for PDF files

Find PDF (Adobe Acrobat files) and other documents using the power of Google. Search enginededicated to finding the most PDF files

PDF Search Engine

Using PDF Search Engine is as simple as using other search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Just type the your query in the text box and click enter or the search button.

FreeFullPDF: PDF search engine for free scientific publications

Download over 80 million free science papers, patents, theses and posters.

How To Split PDF Files

The problem: you have a large PDF file and would like to split it into multiple smaller pieces.

We’ll show you how to do that using Sejda’s Split PDF File online service. No installation required, online tool.

Step 1: Choose and upload PDF file

Click Choose files and pick a PDF file from your computer.

Like better to use cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive? That works as well.

Step 2: Choose how to split

If you want to separate each PDF page to a separate file, click Split PDF

You can also get every 5 pages into a separate PDF file. Type 5 in the Split every X pages field.

Step 3: Download split results

Wait for the task to complete and click Download to save to your computer a zip archive containing all resulting PDF files.

Extract A Few PDF Pages

You only want a few of the pages in the PDF file? Simplest is to extract PDF pages using Sejda’s online services.


Extract All But Few Pages

Do you want keep all PDF pages but some? That’s easily done by deleting PDF pages online. This way you only select the few pages you want removed.

How To Convert PDF Files to Excel or CSV format

Sometimes PDF files contain tables with data. It’s not easy to sort, manipulate and update the data inside PDF files. Excel or CSV would be a better suited format.

Converting PDF files to Excel is a simple task using Sejda’s online PDF tools. Online service, no installation required, just open the page in a browser.

Step 1: Upload PDF file

Click Choose files and select the PDF file from your computer.

Rather use file storages like Dropbox or Google Drive? You can select the files from there as well.

Step 2: Convert to Excel

Wait for the pages to be processed. You should see the detected tables highlighted on the screen. 

If there’s a table that spans multiple PDF pages, it will be conveniently merged for you into a single table in the Excel file.

Click the Convert PDF to Excel button.

Step 3: Download .xlsx result

Wait for the task to complete and Download your Excel file. You’re done!

Easy to use online PDF to XLSX converter